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Giant Sports Inflatables Balls

Creatable Inflatables specializes in Custom Inflatables Shapes of all kinds. One of the most popular Custom Shaped Inflatables is our Giant Inflatable Sports Balls. We’ve been creating and manufacturing Giant Inflatable sports balls since 1984 at our Los Angeles Manufacturing facility. Sports Inflatable Balls are used for Advertising and Promotions at Festivals, Special Events, Tradeshows, Football and Basketball Stadiums and Arenas across the country.

Here is a list of Inflatable Sports Balls that we’ve created and are available in sizes from 5’ diameter all the way up to 30’ diameter.

  • Inflatable Soccer Ball
  • Inflatable Football
  • Inflatable Basketball
  • Inflatable Baseball
  • Inflatable Golf Ball
  • Inflatable Tennis Ball
  • Inflatable Bowling Ball
giant inflatable baseball large inflatable ball 6ft.
15'h Baseball 6'h Baseball
giant inflatable football giant soccer inflatable ball inflatable basketball
30'h Football
15'h Soccer Ball
15'h Basketball
giant hockey sticks large inflatable football
Giant Inflatable Hockey Sticks 12'h Football
NBA basketball huge golf ball
NBA Finals Basketball 10ft. Golf Ball
giant inflatable boxing glove giant inflatable volleyball
15' Inflatable Boxing Glove 15' Volleyball
inflatable giant soccer ball
McDonalds Soccer Ball

Inflatable Sports Balls range from 5’all the way up to 30’ in height. The most popular Sports Inflatable sizes are 10’, 15’ and 20’ tall or long. If you have a logo or graphics that you want to emblazon onto an Inflatable Sports ball our Art department can help integrate the logo to whatever size you desire.

If you have a specific Inflatable Sports Ball that you would like to custom design to your specifications, please call our Sales department so we can better assist you with your request.

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