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Inflatable Air Tents For Sale

Reasons Why you should consider Creative Inflatables as
your company of choice.

QUALITY & DURABILITY - Extensive work goes into constructing each and every Inflatable Tent, from conception to completion. Our main emphasis in the building process is producing the finest, most durable products in the industry. The involvement in the construction has included years of research and development to perfect; from materials to identifying stress points. We engineer Inflatable Tents that are aesthetically appealing and more importantly structurally safe and designed to withstand any type of stress.

inflatable tents for sale
Cosmic Catch Air Tents with Printed Graphics Cosmic Catch Air Tents with Graphics
20' Cosmic Catch Inflatable Canopy Tent with Full Digital Graphics.

Sony Air Tent Canopy with printed graphics Sony Air Tent Canopy with printed Logos
50' Sony Air Canopy Tent with Printed Graphics.
mgc air dome tent 40' wide by 60' long by 20' tall Inflatable Dome Tent
Portable Inflatable Structures Air blow up Inflatable Structures
40' wide by 60' long by 20' tall Commercial Blow Up Tents with Printed Graphics
storage inflatable tents shelters storage inflatable tent shelter
disaster air inflatable structures mobile inflatable shelters usa
Inflatable Canopy Tent
Size: 14' by 18' Comes in several different sizes. (Call our Sales Dept. for Price List).
Color: Grey (Several colors are available, call our sales dept. for colors)
good year spider inflatable tents
25ft. Good Year Spider Tent
mars inflatable tent
Mars Air Tents For Sale
CourtTV spider air tent for sale court tv air commercial tents
20' tall by 40' diameter Court TV Air Tent
CourtTV Air Spider Tent with Graphics
Inside Spider Tent
Air Spider Tents with Graphics Ozz Fest 2003 Tour Air spider tent
Ozz Fest 2003 Tour Spider Tents
Ozz Fest 2003 Tour Air inflatable struture (inside) Air inflatable structure
Ozz Fest 2003 Tour (inside air inflatable structures)
Coors Light spider inflatable tents coors light party inflatable tent
Coors Light inflatable tents coors light party inflatable tent
Coors Light Air Tents 33' dia. 17' tall
(inside view)
dome tent rendition
20ft. Toyota Air Dome Tent Rendition
Toyota Air canopy with Logo for sale
20ft. Toyota Air Canopy

Toyota Air Tents with Logo
(Top View)

50' Dome Tent with two 8' tunnels and 25' Dome Tents
50' Dome Tent with two 8' tunnels and 25' Dome Tents

white igloo tents with tunnels
50ft. diameter by 25ft. tall and two 25ft. by 12.5ft. tall Igloo Air Tents connected with 8ft. long connecting tunnels

Igloo Air Tents with tunnels
50ft. diameter by 25ft. tall and two 25ft. by 12.5ft. tall Igloo Air Tents connected with 8ft. long connecting tunnels (angle view)

Igloo Spider Inflatable Tents
Inside of 50ft. Spider Tent

inflatable arch with product replicas
Rolling Rock Arch
Size: 35ft. long x 22ft. wide x 20ft. tall

inflatable football sports tunnel inflatable sports tunnels
10'x20' Inflatable Football Tunnel with Graphics for Sports Events Inflatable Sports Tunnels
10'h x 20'l

20x40 blow up canopy tent for sale
20x40 Blow Up Canopy Tent for Sale

Methods used in the construction of Inflatable Tents

REINFORCING SEAMS - Every seam associated with the Inflatable Tent is reinforced with an additional two-inch wide strip of vinyl. After the seams are R. F. sealed they are joined together with a double stitch, this creates 4-6 layers of strength. In high-stress related areas as many as 6 pieces of two-inch wide vinyl strips are used for added durability. A lap seam fold is also used in joining panels to give increased durability.

R.F. (Radio Frequency) HEAT-SEALING - Is another special technique used in our facility to increase the life expectancy of the Inflatable Tent. This technique offers added resistance to all seams and eliminates the additional sewing that is typically necessary for reinforcing high-stress areas.

Number of blowers needed

Creatable Inflatables Competition
25ft 1 2
30ft 1 2-3
35ft 1 3-4
40ft 1 3-4
45ft 1 4
50ft 1 4

Blowers are based on averages compiled from 12 Inflatable Companies that manufacture Inflatable Tents.

Each One Horsepower Blower system consumes 12-13 amps of electricity.

THREE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY - We are the only company in the United States, which offers a 3-year limited warranty, from the date of sale on our Inflatable Tents. Creative Inflatables is confident you are investing in a quality product. Our 3-year limited warranty covers the Frame Structure Only. One Year Warranty on Blower and Inflatable Tent Cover.

REPAIRS - Creative Inflatables is also an Official Repair Site. Since we belong to an Inflatable Association, repairs can be performed in almost every major city across the United States by one of our members. Locally repair work is usually performed while you wait so clients save on shipping costs and revenue loss due to lengthy turnaround time for repairs. A quotation can be offered when a representative can properly assess the extent of the damages.

TRAINING - For local Installations Hands on training is offered at our facility by a skilled technician. Written step by step installation instructions are provided at Creative Inflatables. A CD on how to install the Inflatable Tents.

ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES - A Custom Carrying Bag (which sell for around $300 to $650) is included with every Inflatable Tent purchased. The carrying bag is essential in ensuring the Inflatable Tent remains well protected and clean.

FIRE RETARDANT LABLE - All Inflatable Tents have a Fire Retardant Label Glued to the Inside of the Tent Entrance. A Copy of the Fire Certificate is also included in case of Fire Inspection.

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